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Wireless Temperature and Humidity sensors to accurately measure temperatures remotely. Monitor all ambient temperatures any time, anywhere.


 Ensure safety and compliance with our automated temperature and humidity monitoring solution.  


Protect your organization and assets with our smart monitoring solutions. Remotely monitor temperatures around the clock. 

Connect any refrigeration unit within minutes. Low power-long range wireless sensors

  • Battery life up to 3 years
  • Range up to 15KM
  • Automated reports
  • Set sensor reading thresholds
  • Configure sensor alert settings
  • Receive instant SMS alerts

Reduce operational costs and ensure all your regulatory compliances are cover with our automated IOT monitoring solution.

We Support the refrigeration monitoring guidelines and requirements of all regulating agencies, including:

 Food & Drug Administration (FDA)

Food Safety & Inspection Service (FSIS)

Center for Disease Control (CDC)

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

 State and local health departments


Ensure FDA, EPA, HACCP and CDC regulatory compliance with accurate temperature controls and data recording. Protect your guests and brand at all cost.

Smart Operations

24/7 automated monitoring systems eliminating missed errors and manual and costly readings. Time-stamped reports up to 7 years.

Inventory Protection

Identify critical problems before they occur. Avoid costly product spoilage and unexpected inventory loss with real-time, actionable alerts.

Set sensor reading thresholds and configure alert settings. Receive instant SMS text alerts when issues arise.

Maintaining adequate refrigeration temperatures is vital to preserve the integrity, safety and freshness of perishable foods. Many facilities monitor manually the cooling systems but it is impossible to manually monitor the equipment 24 hours a day, even periodic supervision is difficult to maintain. It is expensive, labor-intensive, readings may not be accurate, and monitoring efforts are often doubled to meet regulatory requirements. As a result, operational efficiency suffers increasing the risk of default.

Troy Connects automates cooling monitoring for the retail and wholesale industry, saving you time and money. Our solution solves unique and complex remote monitoring challenges by combining efficient wireless sensors and gateways, with industry-leading monitoring applications, real-time reports and text message alerts, emails or 24/7 automated calls.

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