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Smart Aviculture

Aviculture is the practice and everything related to raising birds, including the set-up of a perfect ecosystems for these animals. Every detail must be taken into account for the ultimate efficient habitat.

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We know that in the first weeks of breeding or production of these birds it is very important to maintain a balanced ecosystem for the quality of life of the birds and an optimal poultry production.

Parameters such as adequate temperature in the breeding, good ventilation, heating, lighting and air quality are essential at this stage and are what determines the uniformity of the birds.

Some risks factors that lead to bird mortality and that are essential to monitor are:

  • Water quality
  • Environmental controls
  • Temperature and Humidity
  • High levels of ammonia


How do we do it?

Troy Connects and its advanced technology will allow you to monitor your poultry sheds by using our modern sensors that are 100% wireless and are specially design for rural areas and which can cover areas up to 20 Miles and last for years on a single battery charged.

Our network can monitor all the environmental conditions of the poultry sheds in real time (24/7), obtaining alerts, reports and practical functions in order to reduce or avoid the risks that are occurring and raise the production of the aviculturist for a greater productivity and control.

How does it Work ?

  1. All sensors periodically send data through our private and long-range network. Up to 20 Miles, no Sim cards needed. 
  2. The information is received and analyzed by our application.
  3. Our application sends alerts about the conditions of the poultry sheds, environmental information and any other information of vital importance to the production team 24/7.


Increases the efficiency and animal health.

  • Determines severe changes in the environment (Luminosity, Soil conditions, Temperatures, among others) in real time.
  • The sensors are 100% wireless and can be installed in minutes.
  • Allows farmers have a greater control over their poultry sheds, animals and production lines.
  • Increase efficiency and productivity margins in all poultry operations.

Our mission is to provide peacefulness, confidence and reduce operational costs, 
increasing the income of your company, as simple as that.

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