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Connect the physical world to the virtual world, protect what matters. Anywhere. Anytime.

Our experience in software, sensors and services will empower your business. Smart automated monitoring solutions for all your assets. 

Robust, reliable, cost-effective solutions to remotely monitor and manage industrial assets.


Intelligent Assets 

That open a range of possibilities to be more efficient

We Love to Create

Every business is different, and our engineers are ready to work with you to understand your situation and find creative and efficient solutions.

IOT Made Simple

We design systems to connect machines, sensors, data centers and analysis. Creating a new level of productivity with optimized production and maintenance cycles.

Engineering Services

We have a full team of engineers ready to help you achieve your idea. Software Development, Electronic Design, Systems Engineering and prototypes.

Data & Analysis

We use your business data to develop solutions that optimize your business using visualizations, algorithms, machine learning, data science and artificial intelligence.

Remote-Monitoring Without Limits

The IoT world needs stable and global connectivity solutions. 
Our solutions have no limits.

No matter where your equipment is located, Our smart sensors will deliver all critical data – such as inventories , temperature, pressure, and On/Off status – via connected industrial sensors to our platforms. Control all your assets on a single place, view reports, set alerts, forecasts and plan ahead, all online, 24/7, Anywhere. Anytime. 


Optimizing and making your farm smarter. The productivity in the agriculture is vital for our existence.

  • Crop monitoring
  • Location and security
  • Animal monitoring
  • Monitoring of health and Sanitary controls


Protecting the most important resource on the planet. Quality control and purity in our water ecosystem.

  • Parameter control (PH, Oxygen, Temperature, Turbulence among others)
  • Ecosystem protection (Lakes, Fish Farms, Pools, Rivers, Etc.).
  • Irrigation and water quality controls
  • Disaster prevention


Monitor all of your mobile assets in real-time. The peacefulness of knowing that everything is where it should be.

  • Monitoring of children and senior citizens
  • Vehicle location
  • Fleet control
  • Global coverage


Troy Connects is an IOT integrator and provider of M2M solutions, we transform objects into intelligent assets so that companies are more efficient and innovative by increasing the quality of their services and products.