Fire Protection and Security specialists who are committed to secure people and businesses throughout Florida by providing the highest quality of products and personal service. 


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Our Services

Repairs and Inspections

Professional and certified fire alarm technicians will make sure you are in total compliance.

System Upgrades

All of our work will be out-line clearly and with the proper documentation, giving you the ability to make a sound and proper decision without surprises. 

Fire Alarm Systems

Having a fire alarm system means more than just protecting your property against a fire, life-saving fire alarms systems protect people and in many cases reduce significant damages to your property.

Installation and Maintenance

Some of our systems have been in service for over 20 years requiring a minimum of service,  proving that if designed and installed correctly your fire alarm will save you time and money. 

Fire Alarm Systems

Expert Security performs all of the Florida code requirements to desing, install, repair, monitoring and inspect fire alarm systems. We provide on-going emergency maintenance for your dedicated system. We have the technology and knowledge to deliver high quality fire alarm systems in a wide range of modules that can be easily integrated with other alarm system solutions, included Video-based fire detection.

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