Controlling Your Fire Alarm System Volume

When it comes to your fire alarm system, volume is extremely important. It may seem like something very trivial, but just how loud your fire alarm is going to get plays a pivotal role in fulfilling it functions and code requirements. 

You or your certified fire alarm technician will need to know more about how you can control the system volume and just how important it is to have it at a certain decibel, depending on your space and business layout. 

Have you ever had that experience when an emergency fire alarm is just a system problem? But, with the fire alarm sounding off, you end up having ear trouble? Just how important is it to have proper grasp and control of your fire alarm system volume? Read this article to find out more.

The Strength of Sounds: A Comparison

Before examining the different volume levels of a fire alarm system, it would be helpful to break down the different strengths of sounds in decibels.

  • The normal conversation decibel is between 30 decibels to 50 decibels.
  • If there is a loud environment, such as a restaurant or a conference, the decibel requirement for a good conversation is up to 60 decibels.
  • Vacuum cleaners can reach up to 70 decibels. 
  • Thunder is around 120 decibels.

Just How Loud Should Your Fire Alarm System Volume Be

There are two kinds of fire alarm notification/alert systems: one is an audible alert that reaches up to 120 decibels while the other is the visible alert that flashes light of up to 1,000 candelas.

The law requires that fire alarms must always be louder compared to most other sounds. As stated above, most of the normal decibel range comes from 50 decibels to 60 decibels.

Your fire alarm system requires a louder system volume. It can be as loud as up to 84 decibels. Anything louder than 84 decibels would cause hearing problems when the alarm is already sounding off for a good 30 seconds

May I Change My Fire Alarm System Volume?

The fire codes and building codes have safety requirements that must be complied with. One of these requirements is the fact that there shall be no adjustments on the installed fire alarms.


Bottom line: business or building owners are not allowed to change the fire alarm system volume. Nobody can tamper with the fire alarm as it comes with criminal liability and penalties. One may not even disconnect their fire alarm even if it is sounding off at a false signal. 


If you are thinking of changing your fire alarm system volume, you should follow the requirements of the code and consult a certified fire alarm technician. 

Maximize The Use Of Your Fire Alarm

Your fire alarm is loud for a lot of reasons. The most important one is the fact that it alarms you in case of emergency. You are expected to hear the alarm even when you are busy or sleeping. So, you should not worry about the volume, worry about why the alarm is triggered.

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